Hoof Doctor

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Hoof Doctor

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Helps Fight the Following Hoof Problems:


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Mode of Application:
  1. Clear the hoof of visible mud/ordure.
  2. Ensure the hoof is clean and dry.
  3. Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the hoof sole and walls.

Apply three (3) times a week.

To treat severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week.

A unique product based on Birch Bark Extract with Organic Oils, including Omega 3, Vitamins A & D, for Professional Care of Horses’ Hooves!

  • Helps to eliminate hooves sensitivity
  • Improves the quality and elasticity of the horn hoof plate
  • Prevents loss of natural moisture of the hoof
  • Strengthens the keratinization process (keratoplastic effect)
  • Has antibacterial properties (kills most bacteria, including tubercle bacillus and anthrax spores) and has an antifungal effect
  • Prevents thrush (rotting hoof frog)
  • Has an antiseptic effect
  • Has an antiparasitic impact
  • Has an insecticidal impact
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stops destruction of the hoof horn from external factors, such as:
    • Cooling / overheating
    • Mechanical injury (hoof cleavage)
    • Excessive dryness or humidity
  • Prevents bacteria and fungi from getting through the hoof

Hoof Doctor Helps Fight the Following Horse Hoof Problems:

  • Thrush and Cankers
  • Quarter Crack and Sheared Heels
  • Hoof Wall Cracks
  • Corns and Sole Bruises
  • Hoof Abscesses
  • Seedy Toe / White Line Disease
  • Laminitis or Founder

Suitable for all hoof types in all weather conditions.

Based on All-Natural Ingredients:

  • Birch Bark Extract
  • Organic Omega-3 Oil
  • Vitamin A & D
  • Other 100% Natural Active Ingredients

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473ml (16oz), 4L

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