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    GF Pet™ Water Bottle


    The GF Pet™ Water Bottle with foldout bowl is perfect for hikes, travelling & camping. The lid acts as a bowl when unfolded. Clips to leash or bag for hands-free use. 100% plastic.

    (250mL) – Colours: Red, Blue

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    Henry Wag Car Bench Hammock


    This Pet Hammock provides a safe environment for your dog when travelling in the back to stop them from falling off the seat into the foot well. It also protects your backseat from pet hair, dirt and dust. Made from durable, machine washable fabric with adjustable straps and quick connect snaps to wrap around front and rear headrests.  It includes a Non-Slip backing and fixing pipes secure the Hammock in place. Side panels protect the seat edges during access and slots in the base allow access to the seatbelt clips for securing the dog’s harness whilst in transit. The hammock can be folded and stored when not in use.

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    Adjustable FurryFido Pet Sling


    Furry Fido Pet Sling Carrier

    is a reversible hand-free carrier bag made of breathable fabric for comfort featuring a safety collar hook for added security. The lightweight and convenient design is extra safe and strong so that you can go about your own business knowing that your pet is secure and comfortable.

    • Safe & Secure
    • Hands-free & Reversible
    • lightweight & Comfortable
    • Machine Washable


    How to Wear the Pet Sling

    • Step 1: Connect the collar hook to the pet sling.
    • Step 2: Pull the pet sling over your head and onto one shoulder, as you would with a cross body bag.
    • Step 3: Place your pet in the sling and connect the collar hook to the pet’s collar to keep your pet safe and secure.


    Furry Fido Pet Sling is Suitable for

    • Small Pets (up to 13 lbs)
    • Small Dogs
    • Cats
    • Puppies & Kittens
    • Senior Pets
    • Pets with Disabilities
    • Travel Together with pet parents
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    Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed


    Henry Wag Elevated Bed is hard to beat. Its innovative elevated design allows the air to circulate which keeps your dog cool in summer and warm and snug during the winter, away from the cold floor, draughts and condensation. Colour: Grey

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    Henry Wag Travel Bowl


    Hydration is vital for the health and well being of pets. Carry this bowl with you to keep your pet well watered during exercise and days out. Colour: Blue

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    Henry Wag Store Fresh Food Box


    The Store-Fresh Box from Henry Wag is perfect for storing dry pet food, bird seed, horse supplements and poultry feed. It has a wide opening easy access lid which is fitted with a foam seal to keep food fresh.  The product includes a free measuring scoop which fits inside the lid, great for easy food delivery and portion size control. The lid has a snap lock closure to prevent easy animal access to the food.  All parts are made from tough crack resistant plastic.

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    Henry Wag Pet Car Booster


    Some dogs find travelling stressful which raises anxiety levels for both the pet the and pet parent. Having your dog close by where it can see you and get a view of the road makes travel a calmer and more enjoyable experience. Colour: Grey/Black (38x38x25cm)

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    Henry Wag Fabric Travel Crate


    Every dog needs its own space to relax and feel safe. This folding fabric pet crate is made using high quality materials and is ideal for use in the home or when travelling.

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    Henry Wag Multi Mat Travel Throw


    The Multi Mat travel throw provides you and your dog with a comfortable blanket to share when on the move. The waterproof base gives protection from the cold ground and is perfect for days out and picnics. The soft fleece surface gives a luxury feel for the comfort of you and your pet. The Multi Mat is rolled easily for carrying and large enough for your and your dog to share. Use at home to cover furniture or carpet, in the car to protect upholstery, or on the move as a travel rug.

    Measures 140 x 120cm

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    Henry Wag Treat Travel Bag


    Treat reward is vital to building a strong relationship with your dog. The Treat Travel bag enables you to carry all your vital accessories during exercise and dog days out.

    Colour: Grey/Blue (12x6x8cm)

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    Henry Wag Boot & Bumper Protector


    This cover fixes around the rear head restraints and fixes to the back of the rear seats with Velcro. It has sides to protect the boot walls and can fix to fabric or plastic interiors. The quilted double wall twill nylon is tear resistant and easily brushed clean or machine washed. Included is a weighted bumper protection panel (100 x 60cm) which is adjustable to the size of the vehicle and protects the bumper from dirt and scratches whilst loading and unloading.

    Sizes to fit SUV / large estate cars and hatchback cars.

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    Henry Wag Foldable Dog Ramp


    This lightweight, folding, durable pet ramp has been designed to overcome this problem and gives dogs the freedom to climb in and out of the car with ease, eliminating the need to jump or be lifted. It weighs just 5kg making it easily transportable and with a single strong central hinge the dog ramp is easy to open for use. The Ramp has a high resistance non-slip surface to give dogs confidence during use. It also has high sides to stop dogs’ feet missing the ramp when in use.


    • Provides pets with easy access to vehicles
    • Perfect for older or infirm animals
    • Folds for ease of transport
    • Light weight – weighs just 4.5kg
    • Non-slip surface, even when wet
    • High sides give pets confidence in use
    • Strong with weight capacity 90kg
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