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The Finn & Fletcher Co.

Our sister company Centurion Supply Inc. (formerly Canadian Saddlery & Centurion Supply) has been a leader in serving the Equestrian Market for decades.

We have always carried a smaller selection of pet products such as dog coats and some supplements, but we knew the Pet Market was one that we had not yet scratched the surface. Afterall, the majority of horse owners, also own a dog.

In 2019 we decided to take our knowledge, years of experience and expertise and break into the Pet Market in a BIG way, and The Finn & Fletcher Co. was born.

Inspired by the Company’s Owners’ playful pooches, Finn & Fletcher, we source everything from supplements, to treats to some truly unique pet products.

The Finn & Fletcher Co. is dedicated to bringing the best and latest in quality pet products to Canada.


My name is Finn.

I’m an adorable 7 year old Yorkiepoo and we all know I am the real boss around here. That’s why my name appears first.
It’s hard work keeping our employees spirits high, and keeping them motivated sometimes, but I do my very best.
Fletcher is my younger brother, I think he’s just here riding my coat-tails to be honest, but don’t tell him I told you that! I may find him a wee bit annoying at times…but I still love him.

My name is Fletcher.

I’m a spunky little 3 year old Morkie! and I’m loving every moment of life! Work is hard, and I like to have fun and relax.
I have the joy of being chief toy and product tester. My sister Finn thinks I’m annoying when I’m trying to play, but little does she know, I’m just working, and I’m working hard!!
At the end of the day, I like to kick back in my Snoozer Cozy Cave and brainstorm what kind of new fun ideas the company can come up with!
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