New Easyboot Back Country

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New Easyboot Back Country

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The Easyboot Back Country

The Easyboot Back Country features a Comfort Cup Gaiter that’s soft and thick, and a front shield with a sleek fit. The boot excels in the pleasure riding category, but easily doubles as a performance boot. Ideal for short or long rides, be sure to carry one with you because it’s also a great replacement for a lost shoe.

Key Features:

• Comfort Cup Gaiter supports and protects soft tissue areas

• Lightweight upper stabilizes the boot on the hoof

• Completely convertible and replaceable

• Removable rear snug strap is reversible for left or right hooves

• Quick and easy to put on and take off


SKU: 5eff044bbffc Categories: ,


  • Take hoof measurements following a trim.
  • Please go up a half size from the size your measurements indicate for this style.
  • If using the Fit Kit before purchasing the Easyboot Back Country, we recommend going up a half size from the most secure fitting shell.
  • Follow the steps in this guide to determine the correct size. Correct sizing is imperative for successful use of the boots.
  • The Easyboot Back Country is available in 20 sizes with each size increasing by 4mm in width and length. Easyboot Back Country sizes are not comparable to steel shoe sizes.
  • Easyboot Back Country sizing allows for natural hoof growth throughout a six week trim cycle.
  • If you intend to use the Easyboot Back Country over steel shoes*, take your hoof measurements after the horse is freshly shod.


For a full application guide, please visit:

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