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Canigest Combi

Is your Dog experiencing upset Stomach?
Time to try Canigest Combi!

Canigest Combi contains two Probiotic strains, combined with Prebiotics, and stabilises the internal gut flora of dogs and has potential to reduce the moisture of stools. Click to Order

Harness Leads

Harness Lead

 is designed to be used as a gentle walking tool by utilizing a dog’s own pressure against the leash to encourage and remind him to slow down his pace. Harness Lead works best in a gentle manner along with positive encouragement and praise from the handler.

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Vet Aid

Vet Aid

is an all natural sea salt enzymatic wound care product for all animals including dogs, cats, livestock, reptiles, birds, snakes, etc. Comes in an easy to apply spray, or foam. The foam in particular when dried acts as a natural bandaid.

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