Crumps’ Elk Antler

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Crumps’ Elk Antler

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Our elk antlers are naturally shed, cut and split allowing for dogs to get to the flavourful and nutrient rich marrow. Only grade A antlers, sourced within Canada and the USA, make the Crumps cut.



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100% Canadian, naturally shed Elk Antlers.

The ultimate in healthy and long-lasting treats! If your dog has not tried them yet, don’t hesitate.

  • Antlers provide more than just recreational chewing – they’re a great source of calcium, protein, glucosamine, chondroitin (great for the joints) and many other vitamins & minerals.
  • Great for tough chewers. Elk Antlers provide hours of recreational fun, for even the most aggressive chewers and last longer than any other chew on the market!
  • No fat – can be enjoyed by dogs that are overweight, have pancreatitis, IBD or allergies to ingredients found in other treats.
  • No odours, no slime and no stains – a tasty, mess free treats for your dogs.
  • Chewing is a naturally stimulating activity for dogs and promotes good oral hygiene.

Elk Antler is especially appealing to dogs because of the rich, thick, meaty “marrow” portion, hidden inside the hard outer core. Elk antler, compared to other antler varieties, has up to 30% more marrow core, and the marrow is what makes it such an attractive chew for even fussy dogs! If your dog has tried a Deer Antler and not liked it very much, try a split Elk Antler!
Some dogs find the Split Antler is more appealing as they can readily chew at the meaty Elk Antler marrow that the dog’s crave!

Medium- approximately 4 inches long. Recommended for small dogs.

Large- approximately 7.2 inches long. Recommended for any size dog.

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Medium Split, XL Split

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