Finnessiam SCENTsitive Ear Cleaner – 8oz

Finnessiam SCENTsitive Ear Cleaner – 8oz

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Simple ingredients = gentle, effective cleaning.

A perfect balance to help maintain one in your pets’ ears. Naturally drying, without over doing it and anti- bacterial properties to help control bacteria. Gentle formula helps to remove wax build up.

Not intended as a treatment for ear issues, for any discharge or unpleasant smell, please consult your veterinarian, or book an appointment with Finnessiam Health.

Slight colour/odour/texture/scent difference between bottles? Don’t worry, all of our formulas including each raw ingredient is quality and lab tested in our own facilities to meet the standards before it is added in and manufactured. The natural nature of our selected and approved ingredients can therefore vary between batches. This is expected and completely normal.


31 in stock



Alcohol free! Colloidal Silver & Witch Hazel Ear Cleaner 8oz – safe for cats & dogs.


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