Leash Lock

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Leash Lock

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Leash Lock is the World’s First Keyless Retractable Leash Lock.  The patented locking technology is guaranteed to keep your pets safe and within reach. No matter what lifestyle you live, Leash Lock is a must! It extends to 16ft and holds up to 110lbs. The Leash Lock is light-weight and durable, designed to give dog owners a convenient, hands-free option, maintaining safety while out with their dog. Retractable cord leash gives more extensive freedom for dogs to wander, sniff, and poke around. Auto-stretch tracking tape could prevent tangling, which is convenient for storage. It’s suitable for Small Medium Large sized dogs up to 115 pounds with total confidence. Designed with an ergonomic handle and anti-slip locking button, you can walk your dog confidently and safely. The U-shaped tape inlet can rotate 360°. It is anti-tangle and automatically adjusts with your dog’s movements. Stainless steel retraction springs inside the casing can cycle back and forth over 70, 000 times.

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