Hombre Mini Blocks

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Hombre Mini Blocks

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Hombre mini blocks are an ideal choice as the foundation for biosecurity rodent control programs. Formulated with Difethialone, a single feed, second-generation anticoagulant. Mice, roof rats and Norway rats are readily attracted to Hombre mini blocks. Blocks are designed with a center hole for securing to prevent rodents from translocating rodenticide into sensitive areas.


  • Place Hombre mini blocks on vertical or horizontal rods in Aegis bait stations or other bait stations.
  • In areas where non-targets (people and/or animals) cannot access bait, the center holes in Hombre mini blocks allow securing with a nail or on wires without a bait station.
  • Place Hombre mini blocks between rodent’s nest and/or food and water supply.


SKU: 248b0ec27908 Category:

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