Farnam Supermask II Classic, w/ Ears

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Farnam Supermask II Classic, w/ Ears

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Flies don’t have a chance with the Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask with Covered Ears. Not only does this mask protect your horse’s eyes against biting flies, dust, debris and UV rays, but the mask’s design also prevents fly bites and irritation to your horse’s sensitive ears. The soft mesh ears allow your horse’s ears to swivel comfortably, and the mask won’t obstruct your horse’s vision. The double-latch closure beneath the jaw means you can put the mask on in just seconds, but its secure fit will help to keep it in place even on your Houdini horse. Thanks to its location under the jaw (instead of on the cheekbone), the closure is difficult for other horses to reach, so you’ll save time walking the paddock to track down masks lost because of rough horseplay. Plush, flyproof trim helps to keep flies out of the mask while also preventing irritation in the thin-skinned horse.

Key Benefits

  • Protects sensitive eyes and ears from flies, dust, dirt, debris and UV rays.
  • See-through mesh won’t limit vision and sewn-in mesh ears allow for unrestricted ear movement.
  • Double-latch closure located under the jaw for a secure fit.
  • Soft, flyproof trim keeps flies out while maximizing comfort.
  • Choose from tri-color mesh and trim options to complement your horse’s coat color.


SKU: 3a5fa85ee4c2 Category:

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