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    EQUiMAX® is an apple flavoured Anti-Parasitic paste. The active ingredients (ivermectin 1.87% / praziquantel 14.03%) protect your horse by controlling all major parasites of concern including tapeworms, bots, small and large strongyles, roundworms, lungworms, pinworms, hairworms, large-mouth stomach worms, intestinal threadworms, and summer sores. It is the only combination of ivermectin/praziquantel dewormer safe for ALL horses, including foals four weeks of age and older, pregnant and lactating mares, and breeding stallions.
    Not for use in humans. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption. Not to be used in other animal species as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs, may occur. Keep out of reach of children.
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    Vet Aid Sea Salt Enzymatic Foam – 2 oz.


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    Vet Aid Sea Salt Derma Foam acts as a natural liquid bandage by protecting the injured tissue while maintaining a healthy environment for healing.
    The Sea Salt Foam will assist in the restoration of normal dermal conditions while easing the discomfort of skin irritations.
    The patented Sea Salt Foam contains ingredients that are beneficial in the healing process and help to support the development of strong supple skin in the area of the wound.


    Lysozyme is an enzyme that occurs naturally in tears, saliva, and other bodily fluids. Lysozyme’s natural function is to protect areas of the body that can be favourable environments for bacterial growth.


    Sea Salt
    Sea Salt contains over 82 trace elements and minerals essential for creating the optimal healing environment.


    Sea Kelp (foam)
    Boosts the immune system, defends against infection, allowing an accelerated healing time.


    – Post Op / Wounds
    – Dermatitis
    – Hot Spots
    – Lacerations
    – Rain Rot
    – Proud Flesh


    Spray directly on affected area 4-6 times per day or every 5 hours. For best results, allow solution to absorb into the skin.

  • Absorbine Liniment Gel

    Absorbine Liniment Gel


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    A warm soothing treatment for temporary muscle soreness caused by overexertion, minor injuries, or arthritis pain. This spearmint scented gel contains natural botanical extracts that speed natural recovery.


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    AWST Int’l “Lila” Horse & Horseshoes Print Travel Duffle Bag


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    The AWST Int’l Travel Duffle Bag is the perfect size for a helmet bag and barn sundries, or an overnighter. An all purpose duffle made of 600D Polyester with a large zippered main compartment with heavy duty dual zipper. Designed with an inside divider pocket & front mesh pocket for easy organization. This stylish duffle is ready for traveling with the adjustable shoulder strap and grab handles. Measures 18″L X 11″H X 9″W

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    AWST Pony Coin Purses


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    Assorted designs (Ponies/Flowers, Ponies/Bunnies, Mare & Foal or Ponies/Cats).

    Sold as assorted designs, however at the time of your order, you may request a specific colour. We will do everything we can to match the design to your request, but unfortunately we can not guarantee availability.

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    GF Pet Travel Harness


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    WTP Normal Plate DSEL Bit


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    suitable for all riding disciplines

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    America’s Acres Dead Sea Black Mud Poultice


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    Mineral Mud Pak is proven relief for arthritis, aches and pains. It helps relieve soreness and fatigue from joints and other body parts in animals and reduces the recovery time of soft tissue injuries. Treat injured areas directly with its anti-inflammatory minerals. Simply apply to swollen joints and body areas of aches and pains, muscle soreness, and fatigued areas. Use with or without a wrap and leave on for up to 24 hours. For those hard to wrap spots or when using on a young horse, it is best to leave the area unwrapped, you will still get the same benefits. Repeat as needed.

    • 100% NATURAL!
    • Contains 21 Added Minerals
    • Draws Out Heat and Fluids from Injured Areas
    • Improves Blood Circulation
    • Increases Cell Metabolism to Shorten Healing Time
    • 32 Times More Concentrated than Clay Poultice or Epsom Salt
    • Will Not Test In Competition
    • Veterinarian Used and Approved
    • Washes Off Easily with Water

    Applications: Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, Arthritis, Muscle Soreness, Hoof Abscesses, Reduce Swelling, Extract Heat, Relieve Aches & Pain, Reduce Inflammation

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    Silverline Cohesive Bandage Assorted 18 Pack


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    This generic 4″ x 5yd wrap is excellent for both veterinary and human use and sticks to itself, not to hair or skin.

    Colours: Beige, Black, Gold, Hunter Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, White, Blue Camo, Green Camo.

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    Adjustable FurryFido Pet Sling


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    Furry Fido Pet Sling Carrier

    is a reversible hand-free carrier bag made of breathable fabric for comfort featuring a safety collar hook for added security. The lightweight and convenient design is extra safe and strong so that you can go about your own business knowing that your pet is secure and comfortable.

    • Safe & Secure
    • Hands-free & Reversible
    • lightweight & Comfortable
    • Machine Washable


    How to Wear the Pet Sling

    • Step 1: Connect the collar hook to the pet sling.
    • Step 2: Pull the pet sling over your head and onto one shoulder, as you would with a cross body bag.
    • Step 3: Place your pet in the sling and connect the collar hook to the pet’s collar to keep your pet safe and secure.


    Furry Fido Pet Sling is Suitable for

    • Small Pets (up to 13 lbs)
    • Small Dogs
    • Cats
    • Puppies & Kittens
    • Senior Pets
    • Pets with Disabilities
    • Travel Together with pet parents
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    Rewardz Scotch Mints for Horses


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    Why Rewardz?

    Horses love them! If your horse is bored with sticky molasses pucks, over-baked cookies and hard green cubes try these mouth-watering snacks! Grocery store brands and bulk food mints may contain ingredients that aren’t good for horses like milk products and tree nuts. Rewardz Scotch Mints are made with natural peppermint oil and simple, human-grade ingredients in a food-safe manufacturing facility, and are the first and only scotch mint registered as a horse treat with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency!


10 Humber Street
Stratford , Ontario
N5A 6S1



10 Humber Street
Stratford , Ontario
N5A 6S1