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    AWST “Lila” 3D Horse Head, Distressed Cap


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    Lila© Signature cap with beautifully embroidered horse head. Six panel construction with ventilation eyelets, contrast stitching and distressed brim. Adjustable hook-and-loop back strap. One size fits most.

    • Features a 3D embroidered design, and distressed look
    • Double Stitched Accents
    • Adjustable velcro strap
    • 100% cotton
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    Bag Balm


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    Made in Vermont since 1899, our veterinary ointment is a versatile treatment for pets and livestock alike. Originally created to heal dry cow udders in the cold winter months, Bag Balm also works wonders on dry paws, noses, chicken combs, hot spots and more – you name it! We get long-lasting results using just a few, simple ingredients: petrolatum moisturizes and protects, and lanolin soothes and softens skin.

    Note: This product is approved by Health Canada for animal use only.

    227gm (8oz)

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    Hoof Wraps


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    It is a bandage, not a boot and it is designed TOUGH for turn out. Easily treat common hoof problems like abscesses, stone bruise or use for protection after a shoe loss. Hoof Wraps offers you the freedom to turn your horse out to pasture during treatment and one size fits most horses (00, 0, 1, 2). Made from 1680 ballistic nylon with a triple layer at the toe for durability. An industrial strength hook and loop fastening system provides a custom fit and it is designed for EXTREME grip and security. Remove, clean and reapply as needed. An EVA foam pad (5 3/4″) is included. Allows for flexibility to be used in a variety of ways. Use with items you already have around the barn like poultice, flex wrap, medicated pads, and topical solutions.

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    Tough®1 Deluxe Dog Coat


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    600 Denier Ripstop waterproof poly outer shell with 150 gram poly fill with breathable 210D lining. Features a harness access, collar access, elastic front panel for comfort/fit and fully adjustable belly wrap closure with elastic allowing full movement without restriction.

    XX-Small: 8″ – 10″ , X-Small: 10″ – 12″ Small: 12″ – 14″ , Medium: 15″- 18″ Large: 19″ – 23″ , X-Large: 24″ – 27″
    For correct fit measure from base of neck to base of tail.

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    Chilly Dogs Head Muff


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    The Head Muff™ is an ear and neck warmer, the perfect product to add to any of our dog apparel during the coldest months. The fit and comfort is achieved with the contoured shape and adjustable elastic cord around the face and neck. Ideal for breeds with cropped or thin-skinned ears that are susceptible to frostbite.

    Example breeds: Boxers, Dachshunds, Dobermans, Great Danes, Sighthounds, Vizslas, Weimaraners.

    Additional Information:

    • Canada: Skillfully designed and manufactured in Canada.
    • Fleece: 12oz Canadian made, non-pilling fleece. Breathable, durable, and machine washable.
    • Elastic & Cord Lock: Elastic cord can be adjusted tightly around the face and neck opening which is secured with cord locks.
    • Scotchlite: 3M Scotchlite™ reflective trim is added for night visibility.
    Washing Instructions: Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Wash with like colour load. It is important to not use hot water or heat in the dryer as this can damage the coat.
    Chemicals: Do not use bleach or liquid fabric softener. Fabric softener will prevent the fleece from retaining heat within the fleece fibers.
    Dryer: Set dryer on cool setting for 10 minutes then hang or lay flat to dry. Do not use any heat as it will damage the Head Muff. If unsure of the dryer setting, please hang or lay flat to dry.

    Measuring Guide:

    Body Type Size Head Muff Length Head Circ. Weight
    Standard XXS 7 in 9 – 11 in 5 – 15 lb
    Standard XS 9 in 12 – 13 in 15 – 25 lb
    Standard S 10 in 13 – 15 in 24 – 40 lb
    Standard M 12 in 15 – 16 in 40 – 70 lb
    Long & Lean (Whippet) S 13 in 12 – 13 in 20 – 40 lb
    Long & Lean (Sight Hound) M 14 in 15 – 16 in 45 – 90 lb
    Standard L 14 in 17 – 19 in 70 – 90 lb
    Standard XL 16 in 20 – 21 in 90 – 170 lb
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    SOOS Sweet Potato Dog Treats, 113gm (4oz)


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    Low fat & nurturing formula treat for oily skin & coat and brittle bones.

    SOOS WELLNESS treats are naturally delicious and a natural source of fiber that supports a healthy digestive system. SOOS WELLNESS Sweet Potato Treats are just that: 100% premium sweet potato WITHOUT any artificial preservatives, additives or colours. Perfect for dogs with limited diets.


    Feeding Guidelines: Feed as a treat or reward. Quantity and frequency of treats depends on age, size, activity and condition of your pet. Remove if pet attempts to swallow whole. Supervised consumption required. Stop using if any allergies are observed.

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    Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint 11lb (5kg) Bag


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    Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint is more than an equine joint supplement. It is a pelleted formula that delivers active ingredients to repair the hooves and joints of horses, while also restoring skin condition and hair coat color. Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint contains ornithine, proline, glucosamine, manganese and sulfur to provide targeted joint support and repair for horses. Even the best joint supplement for horses can lead to excessive sulfur supplementation when fed alongside a hoof supplement. Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint eliminates the risk of sulfur over supplementation by providing active ingredients to support the joints and the hooves in one product. The level of sulfur provided at the recommended Adult Replenishment Dosage for an average 1,000-pound horse is equivalent to 3,500 mg of MSM. Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint provides omega 3 fatty acids, phospholipids, zinc and copper to rebuild skin and hair coat to a healthy and vibrant condition. Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint is suitable for all ages and work levels. Available in 11 lb. nitrogen flushed vacuum bags. Measuring cup not included in 11 lb bag. 

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    Natural Release Muscle & Joint Gel


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    NATURAL RELEASE™ – Gets Straight to the Ache! All Natural, Muscle, joint, tendon release, and reduce inflammation. Works in Minutes. For muscle and joint soreness, night cramps, tendon strain, back/shoulder/hip problems, and all general aches and pains. Gel is easier to use; the viscosity avoids drips caused by spray and allows you to rub. It can be used before or after physical exercise or as needed to help soothe fatigued, strained or bruised muscles and joints. It does not contain menthol or other heat-inducing ingredients, so it can safely be used under saddle, wraps or therapeutic blankets. Contains pure dead sea magnesium oil, arnica and eucalyptus.

    *Do Not use on Cats as felines may react poorly to eucalyptus.

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    Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning Towel


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    This luxurious microfibre Pet Cleaning and Drying Towel from Henry Wag easily removes dirt and water from your pet’s coat. It absorbs more water and dries more quickly than regular towels. Colour: Grey/Teal

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    Silverline 4″ Cohesive Wrap – Bulk Pack!


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    Silverline’s Premium Cohesive Bandage – Self Adherent Wrap, one roll is 4″ x 15 ft (144 Roll Bulk Pack)

    • Provides support and compression for injuries and conditions such as swelling, sprains, and strains
    • Suitable for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and anyone in need of compression and support for injured or weak joints or muscles
    • Breathable construction allows air to circulate and prevents skin irritation
    • Self-adhesive material sticks to itself and not to skin or hair
    • Easy to apply and remove without the need for scissors or other tools
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    EQUiMAX® is an apple flavoured Anti-Parasitic paste. The active ingredients (ivermectin 1.87% / praziquantel 14.03%) protect your horse by controlling all major parasites of concern including tapeworms, bots, small and large strongyles, roundworms, lungworms, pinworms, hairworms, large-mouth stomach worms, intestinal threadworms, and summer sores. It is the only combination of ivermectin/praziquantel dewormer safe for ALL horses, including foals four weeks of age and older, pregnant and lactating mares, and breeding stallions.
    Not for use in humans. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption. Not to be used in other animal species as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs, may occur. Keep out of reach of children.
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    Dexamethasone Powder


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    Dexamethasone Horse Medicine powder is indicated for those conditions known to respond to steroid therapy such as inflammatory, allergic or dermatologic states.

    • 5 – 10 mg of Dexamethasone Base daily administered orally, either by sprinkling on the feed or mixing with a small amount of water and given as a drench.
    • Each 15 gram packet contains 10 mg dexamethasone.


    Keep out of the reach of children


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