Royal Rider RR Sprint 55

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Royal Rider RR Sprint 55

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Super lightweight, highly impact resistant,perfect to bring the rider in the optimal position to keep the gallop times.

The high elasticity and strength of the reinforced techno polymers allow structural integrity and ergonomics while retaining small dimensions, helping the athletic gesture in the speed acquisition phase.

It requires reduced maintenance, easy to wash with water, without losing any mechanical and aesthetic features. Excellent durability, adapting to both high and low temperatures. Accompanying the movement of the rider facilitates the horse in achieving lightness, regularity and regular balance of the stride. The non-skid sole increases grip and safety. The soft curves create a support that generates stability during the suspension and safety against impact with the ground during the jump phase.

Supplied in black with a satin finish.


5 in stock

SKU: RR00312 Category:


Made in Italy CE
Material » DuPont®
Stirrup-bar size » 105x38mm
Stirrup size » 132x38x130mm
Weight » 90gr
Tension breaking load » 650kg

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