Shark SKUP®

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Shark SKUP®

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Holds 2.7 litres of feed and has quarter, half and three quarter markers.


SKU: c1195b1f8f08 Categories: ,


The teeth, which are the truly innovative feature, are there to loosen compacted feed whilst the intuitive measuring provide accurate and consistent portion control. The elongated and variable profile of tight curves and straight edges makes it easier to pick feed up and also reach into the furthest corners of feed bins. Unlike most bowl type feed scoops, the SKUP is so well balanced not only does it stand up but it is also very hard to knock over. It has a capacity of 2.7 litres which is in line with industry standards and it is made from polypropylene which is durable, food safe and recyclable. The Shark SKUP® is available in a variety of exciting colours that look fresh and vibrant and can easily be seen on the cluttered feed room floor.

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Lime Green, Orange, Powder Blue, Purple

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