How to Run a Profitable Horse Business(Paperback) – Written by Bonny Bunda

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How to Run a Profitable Horse Business(Paperback) – Written by Bonny Bunda

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Grand Prix Breeders is a successful family-run business owned by Bonny Bunda and run by herself and Stephanie Bunda-Carry.

Both have amassed experience in many facets of the horse industry from breeding sport horses to competing in many disciplines, riding lessons, show management and grooming for international show jumpers.

For over 30 years, they have expanded their business, producing quality foals, horses and riders.

For more information on Bonny Bunda and Grand Prix Breeders visit: Grand Prix Breeders


34 in stock

SKU: 783975 Categories: , , Tag:


“Jill and I have both read your book. We have been asked by numerous people through the years for advice on starting a horse business. Our advice has always been don’t do it without a solid business plan. If you don’t have a solid plan, you will be bitter and broke in three years. The first year you will spend 80% of your wealth and not make a profit. The second year, you will spend the balance of your wealth and realize you will never make a profit and by the end of the third year, you will be bitter and broke, usually accompanied by a divorce. Your book gives a well thought out step-by-step structure to avoid disaster and possibly create a strong business plan to go forward with. Congratulations on a job well done. This will be very helpful!”

– Jill Henselwood Canadian Olympic Show Jumping Silver Medalist and Bob Henselwood

“Having worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Musical Ride) as their breeding manager for many years, I was excited to read Bonny’s book on how to run a profitable horse business. This book is a must read should you decide to start your own business. Not only does she outline the importance of budgets and business plans, but above all, like in any business, she stresses the need for hard work. In all the years I have known Bonny, our conversations are always about our common passion, horses. She is constantly trying to improve her knowledge and her business. Thank you and congratulations.”

– John Phillips, Retired Manager of the RCMP Breeding Program

“I have known Bonny since 2015, when I registered her first Hanoverian foal. I have always admired her positive attitude, and it became obvious to me that Bonny runs a thriving riding school business on her farm, alongside her breeding business. Her book is honest, direct and realistic. She explains in easy steps how the success in the horse business can be achieved. It reminded me that the steps are similar to training a horse successfully. Being organized, focused, honest, disciplined and respectful while following a plan is also part of the steps to train a horse. I really enjoyed the book and hope it inspires passionate horse entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.”

– Inga Hamilton, German Bereiter, in business for myself/herself as a trainer and coach for 30 years, Judge with the Hanoverian Verband.


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