Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, Water Protectant No.3

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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, Water Protectant No.3

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Water Protectant contains deeply penetrating natural oils and waxes that simultaneously condition and protect your leather. Designed for leather frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions, its thick consistency will bolster your leather’s natural defenses while providing a rich source of nourishment to keep it healthy and strong. When applied, Water Protectant should cause water to bead on the surface of your leather, rolling off rather than absorbing. It will ward off rain, snow, mud, and other elements, ensuring maximum outdoor protection for all your swashbuckling adventures.


Brewed to perfection with all-natural ingredients and an optimal pH-balanced recipe, this leather conditioner stands out from the crowd for its distinctive style: a rich, syrupy texture laced with scent of fir tree. As you condition, this recipe will recall the untamed, rugged sensations of the wilderness to your mind, teasing your nose with a whiff of the great outdoors. This subtle sensation lasts only as long as the conditioner takes to absorb, and will not affect your leather’s natural scents – we’re as big a fan of them as you are! All the while, Water Protectant is environmentally friendly and made with FDA approved, cosmetic grade ingredients completely natural and safe for human skin. We’ve even watched people drink our Leather Milk recipe straight out of the bottle like actual milk! We wouldn’t personally advise doing this, of course!


Recipe No.3 is also ideal for excessively dry leather or leather in need of restoration. High concentrations of oils and nutrients greatly supplement proteins holding leather fibers together, and will also give your leather a more pleasant look and texture. It is very effective for covering scratches and scars, and is known to restore color on some leathers.

If you have already used Water Protectant, you will not need to apply any other leather conditioners to your leather, at least until it is ready to be conditioned again. All Leather Milk products are made in USA.


SKU: 5bff8740f146 Category:


Water Protectant is best used on quality cowhide, full grain and finished leather, although it can work well with most types of leather. It is especially important to test Water Protectant first before using it on any vegetable tanned, aniline, semi-aniline, or lighter colored leathers. Due to Water Protectant’s heavy consistency, it will darken leather. These darkening effects will usually lighten back within a week of use as the conditioner has time to absorb beneath the leather’s surface, but it depends on the leather’s type. Some exotic or very soft leathers are not designed to handle large concentrations of oils and waxes. That said, Water Protectant can be used safely on most any type of leather, as long as it is tested first. If your leather is unfinished, it may be wise to test your leather in multiple discreet places before applying.

Water Protectant is most at home restoring old leather or protecting heavy duty leather exposed to harsh environments and volatile weather. If you’re planning a hike through the woods, want to be ready for that heavy thunderstorm you’re hearing about on the news, or simply want to restore an old antique you’ve recently rediscovered hidden in your attic, Water Protectant is your solution. If your leather prefers a gentle touch, or only sees casual use and mild climates, you should look at Leather Care Liniment No.1.

Finally, if you have any allergy concerns, be sure to Contact Us to ensure none of the ingredients will be harmful to anyone coming into contact with the treated leather. Individuals with nut allergies are not advised to use Leather Milk. For more health recommendations, please visit our Water Protectant SDS (Safety Data Sheet).

Long and short, if you’ve got leather, and you’ve got weather, you need Water Protectant. Test it first and use it well – and it will save your hide!

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