Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Clean + Condition Set

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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Clean + Condition Set

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It’s the little things, the little gestures, that make the memories. Eyes filled with wonder, the crackling embers of a warm fireplace, the smell of sizzling breakfast feast in the air, merry music humming, and speckled lights of every color dancing across every furnish and trimming. The stresses of the long year are forgotten the moment we breathe in the magic, of parted families huddled again in unity, sharing from the heart and celebrating the gift of giving. Every moment, every detail, lives on to create a lasting story.

This lasting tradition means everything to us here at Leather Milk, and in honor of the season, we’ve cooked up something we’d like to share with you. A little token of our appreciation to help you capture the holiday spirit in your own hearths: The Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Clean + Condition Gift Set! Unravel our rustic bundle, and you’ll find chestnut-colored bottles of formula and snowy-white applicator pads, white and fluffy as if to glitter like the real thing. Brewed just in time for the season, these classic, six-ounce Leather Care Liniment and Straight Cleaner formulas are designed for leather and loved ones alike. A milky treat for your leather that, like Christmas memories themselves, makes a lasting impression with just a little detail. Rested on a bed of burlap with two premium leather milk applicator pads, and a horse hair detailing brush this kit is sure to light up any leather lover’s face. Finally, delivered to your door in our custom Leather Milk gift box so you can “give with class”.


SKU: 4e2ab4b9a635 Category:

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