Ducks Wax water repelling leather cream is one of the best products on the market to protect and nourish leather items including all types of saddlery, boots, leather upholstery and
clothing. Great for motor bike leathers and accessories too.
Ducks Wax can also be used to rejuvenate old wax coats and jackets and will prolong their life and keep water proof.

100% natural ingredients, sweet smelling and insect repelling.

Apply Ducks Wax using the sponge provided directly to the leather or wax item.  Several applications may be needed depending on the original condition of the leather or wax garment.  Allow to soak in after application and then reapply as necessary.
This product is translucent, therefore can be used on any colour leather.
You may experience slight discolouration on nubuck or light tanned leather.

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